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Excellence is hard to reproduce. Thats why we avoid talent pools. We provide our service while we are building a loyal network of people who are far beyond of their competition.

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Two nerds had a coffee in las palmas, gran canaria. Later they hung out on the terasse of the hostel next door and figured how they could call their agency they wanted to build apps with. "Lets do something spacey but with tech involved." That was done. Everything behind that is just an array of random events wich helped us to build a wonderful team which we can rely on.

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Our happyclients

''Media Nova is a dependable agency to work with. It's hard to find developers that can become just as passionate about your project as you are. We will work with them again and again.''
This team gets it! They helped us build our first MVP and didn't stop until the job was done. Clear communication and updates. They refined everything, and user tested it. I recommend Lucas, Axel, and anyone from the Media Nova team.
-Matt Averyhart
Founder Onsight AI
Building app and launching it into the IOS and Google Play stores isn't an easy task. Media Nova made the process seemless and took care of everything down to the last detail. Often times firms will leave you out to dry, not this team. We recommend them for app development.
Founder whip
We were able to deliver quickly a digital solution to a problem we solved together. This last word was the main differentiation factor - their focus is to solve problems, not simply shipping features.
Product Manager, NomadAgent

These are ourServices.

or teamwork as we like to call it


"I honestly don't understand companies with more than 20 employees that don't already have a relationship with a no-code agency to help them build and automate processes."

- Avi Hercenberg, Investor on Linked In


We handle our operations as individual as our clients are. Focussing on reaching your goal and figuring out together how we can achieve it.


Replace something crucial you used to invest time & money with a powerful system. Effortless.


From finding the right structure to deploying a mobile-responsive experience to let others know youre here to make money.

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"Before i became a Senior Bubble Developer there was a guy who showed me around out of joy and passion. We have to make sure we give that back for as long as someone needs us."

- Lucas Raphael Thissen, CEO-Founder


We research gaps and deliver solutions. Documentations, tutorials & demos are helping you to relax and stay productive.


If you dont want to start from scratch or want to see what's best practice, we got you covered.


Showing you how its done so you dont need to waste your time on it.

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We treat No-Code as the profession as it is. With that comes a great responsibility of best practice and guidelines we should follow together.


Enroll in on of our courses that only teach you how to apply a skill, but also how to build a career around it.


We post regularely videos and snippets of our work on youtube. Take a look!


Get mentored by one of the best developers in 1-1's or group arrangements. Standing a good chance to become part of our team!

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