5 Apps Built with No Code Platforms 

5 Apps Built with No Code Platforms

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Behind every app, there’s someone who built it. With so many different ways to create applications these days, it’s hard to tell how they were made. Many applications are made over a long period of time by a developer who builds the code from scratch. Other apps are built with no-code software, which means it was built with premade tools potentially by someone with zero coding background.

If you’ve had an idea for an app bouncing around in your head but no tech experience behind you, you can still do it! Let’s look at the top 5 apps built with no-code platforms so you can see what’s possible to make.

GoodGigs Banner

GoodGigs was built with Bubble and was designed entirely with no code. It’s a job search platform designed specifically for social impact jobs. When you visit the website, it looks just as good as anything made from scratch by a developer. Everything is super easy to use and databases are directly connected to the platform. It’s simple, practical, and serves a good purpose. 

Comet is a freelance marketplace app designed to make things easier than others such as Fiverr or Upwork. When users are seeking out freelancers, they can input what they’re looking for and be matched with a team within 48 hours. It was built with Bubble and is very easy to use. No-code apps are a fantastic way to niche down from the big guys that list everything. 

OKR Tracking is a productivity app that was built with Glide. You can access it from the Glide website. If you’re unfamiliar, OKR stands for objectives & key results. This no-code app is designed to help you stay organized and meet your goals with simple templates. 

Users can set goals for certain time frames to make sure they stay on task. The coolest part is you can use their templates or build your own. This is a great tool to use along with project management software.

Outside Homepage

Another app useful for freelancers and remote workers made with no-code software is Outside. This app was designed with Webflow. The design of this website is gorgeous. Coliving apps are very trendy right now as a lot of the workforce continues to be remote or people move to freelance. The app design allows users to easily browse locations to find what’s right for them.

Chant Homepage

Chant is a no-code social media app that was created with Adalo. Think Instagram, but with better networking tools. Chant is a place for creative types to showcase their work and connect with others. It’s also a great app for connecting with others to collaborate since that is the intention, instead of hoping to find partners on other social media. 


There are many apps out there that you’d have no idea are no-code. This is only a small sampling but gives you an idea of what can be accomplished. No-code software is being utilized to niche down concepts made by the big guys and give people a customized experience. 

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