Security Concerns to Consider Before Making a No-Code App

No-Code Security Concerns

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No-code software building platforms are all the rage right now. They make it easy for those who don’t have a coding background to still create easy-to-use applications quickly to serve their business needs. 

Keep in mind that using these platforms can come with risks. If you don’t have a tech background, it can be easy to overlook this when going with no-code and be blinded by the quick turnaround and cost. So, let’s go over some common security concerns you should look out for when choosing a no-code platform to build your app. 

Low Visibility

When you’re building with a no-code platform, it was developed by a third party. This means that the code was written before you were planning to use it, which can cause visibility concerns. You’re not going to know the source code or the history of issues that may have come up before. Since the software isn’t being built from the ground up, you won’t know the extent of testing that went on during creation.

If you don’t know what to look for, you may want to blindly trust the company. It’s always important to do your research and ensure you’re using a reliable no-code building platform. Having a lack of visibility can cause bugs, security risks, and potential data breaches.

Shadow IT

The whole idea with no code software is to be able to create something quickly that works well. With that comes the problem of Shadow IT. Shadow IT is when data is used without approval from the business. There are benefits, such as improved efficiency within your team, but it can also cause massive issues like data leaks. 

No Data Oversight

Similar to the Shadow IT concerns, with no-code platforms, you don’t have as much control over your data. While you want your team to have access to the data in order to make the application, you probably don’t want them to be able to see and share everything on the back end. The amount of control you have will depend on the no-code platform you use.

Think about Google docs and how you have basic settings to control who can view, edit and share your file. When you’re choosing a no-code platform, you should choose one with advanced controls that allow you to monitor logins and create time-based access. 

Service Disruption

When you build your application on a no-code platform, you are reliant on the platform even after it’s completed. So, if they have service interruptions, so will you. This can disrupt business and lose you money, which is not ideal. Before you build with a platform, be sure you have service agreements in place.


The bottom line is that with any type of software building there will be risks. With no-code platforms, users are typically not well-versed on these risks so it’s important to do your research. Make sure you choose a reliable no-code software building platform that fits your business needs.

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