Top No-Code Platforms and Which One is Right For Your Business

Best No-Code Platforms For Business

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When it comes to no-code platforms, there are so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. Before deciding on one, make a list of your business’s wants and needs. The good news is that most no-code building platforms have a free version so you can test the waters and see if you like it. That will make it easier to narrow it down. Let’s look at the top 5 no-code platforms and see which is right for you. 


Adalo is a great platform for building mobile applications. It’s extremely easy to use, so if you are not tech-savvy it’s a good option. Adalo has plenty of integrations to get you started, and you can make your app directly accessible to Google and Apple. This platform is best for small businesses, startups, and individual freelancers. All you need to do to use it is figure out its drag and drop features. Keep in mind that it is limited to a small ecosystem and not as many integrations. 

bubble io editor

Bubble is probably the go-to dominant no-code building platform. It has a huge ecosystem, so users should be able to find everything they’re looking for. Bubble is great for both mobile and web applications. There are plenty of pre-made templates to choose from, so there is something for even the most inexperienced user. Bubble uses a drag and drop design along with its templates so users have a lot to work with. editor

Another popular option for no-code software building is Glide. Users can easily import data from things like Google Sheets and create an app to serve their business needs. It’s important to keep in mind that Glide is good for creating simple applications, but lacks customization. Glide also doesn’t have the drag and drop features we have mentioned in other no-code software and it’s a web app, not native. 

Integromat has been referred to as “the glue of the internet” because of the intuitive way it allows users to create automated workflows easily. Workflows help businesses to automate tasks that are simple enough for a computer to do. This eliminates the need for employees to take their time doing it. For example, Make is a great tool for automating emails and generating leads. It has TONS of integrations, so you’ll likely find every app you’re looking for. Make is great for beginners looking to get their feet wet with automation. 

Zapier is a no-code platform similar to make. It’s used to create workflow automations and is a go-to for many businesses. Zapier has the largest amount of integrations as far as automation tools go, and the interface is very intuitive. It’s a great option for beginners who are interested in learning how to use automation to manage simple tasks. Zapier doesn’t just target businesses, the software is meant for anyone who wants to stay organized to use with easy drag and drop templates. 

Which One is Right For You?

To sum it up, there are plenty of options when it comes to no-code software, and you don’t always need to be making an app! Software like Make and Zapier make automation easy for people who have no coding experience along with the platforms that help you make applications. In fact, you can use them together to create a seamless experience for your team. 

If you are interested in these tools but have no ideas what to make, read our article about 5 app ideas you can make by yourself in less than a month!

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